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Tuesday, 08 January 2013 19:06

Get Excited About Paying Bills

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Heather Wilkerson, President of Hope-Thru-Horses, Inc.With today’s economy, messages about loans and debt are incredibly shaming and impose a lot of guilt.

A friend told me about a magazine called Law of Attraction. In, “You Can Choose a New Financial Reality; Take the Bill-Paying Challenge and Shift your Vibration Around Money,” Elyse Hope Killoran offered a new perspective when paying bills and assuming loans.

People often associate feeling disorganized, overwhelmed, trapped, and ashamed when considering their debt and bills to be paid.

In the second exercise, Elyse suggests that one imagines paying bills from a bank account that is always replenished and abundant. What thoughts or feelings would one experience if this were the case? Feelings associated with a full bank account might be confident, proud, liberated.

When paying bills, Elyse recommends that one stops to reflect upon and be grateful for whatever benefits came from the use of the product or service of which is being paid. I take this one step further. When I sit down to make my land payment, I will be incredibly grateful for the opportunities that this loan has provided. Because of this land, we are able to provide a safe and nurturing place, which incorporates animals and nature to help people “Get Unstuck”. I look forward to making this payment in September. Figure out how your bills feed your vision; you will find a relationship between the two if you look deep enough.

Consider this, how does your payment affect others? The people processing your payments would not be able to provide for their families if it weren’t for their jobs. Once you begin to view money as circular just as you breathe, in and out, you will begin to experience abundance.

Finally, one of my favorite suggestions offered by Elyse was to attach a sticky note or business card with a friendly word onto your payment. Imagine how your life could touch another person’s with a kind word. You never know who will need it just at that moment. I am excited about sitting down to pay my bills this weekend!

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